There are many cleaning services in the Orange county area, but there is only one that is consistently professional, courteous, and efficient. That service is NSI. I have used NSI for several years, and through family illness and special needs in my home, Joanne and her staff were always helpful, understanding and compassionate. Service, as defined by Webster is to provide (someone) with something that is needed or wanted. Joanne has redefined service through NSI and I highly recommend it above all others.

Joanne, once again, NSI did a fantastic job with my windows both inside and out! They looked newly installed after Mark and Kelly were finished. I truly appreciate what all you girls do for me throughout the year, but what I appreciate the most is how safe and comfortable I feel knowing my home is cared for when I’m not! Thanks so much.


NSI has been working in my home for many years and I feel fortunate to have this hardworking team as part of my life.  They are efficient, thorough and mindful of my family practices and possessions.  Joanne always communicates well and eases special needs at holiday times or in case of illness.  Most of all, I am proud of their service- the house sparkles when they are done and it feels like a special gift each week,  freeing me for what I do best.  NSI keeps my home clean and in good order; a service I can count on and a positive force for our busy lifestyle.  It keeps us on top of our game!

In addition to NSI’s cleaning professionals, they offer a pet care service for families with heavy work schedules or travel needs.  All animal lovers can understand how important it is to have your beloved pets well tended and loved while you are away.  I can easily attest to NSI’s attentive service because they have also cared for my dog, cat (hermit crab, fish and plants) for many years.  Once our sweet dog was attacked and had stitches in his head right before a family trip.  We were devastated but NSI assured us that they could handle the circumstance with extra tender, loving care.  I spell out the TLC because that is what we get.

I’d say NSI services are an investment you make in your quality of life.

Elaine S.
New Windsor, NY